Tips on how to update your home for spring

Now that spring has sprung it is time for us to transform our spaces into more refreshing and rejuvenating places. For most, this is the time to prepare for newness and freshness. We have a few tips on how to change your home décor and spruce up your spaces for the springtime. These tips are inexpensive and easy to incorporate.

Embrace the fragrance of spring

Spring brightens up our homes and what a better time to make it smell the same way. Replace those winter fragrances like potpourri with spring scents. You can give every room a different scent to make the air more distinct. One of the ways to do this by using essential oils like grapefruit or lavender and spread throughout your home using a diffuser.

Change your shower curtain

A lighter and tassels shower curtain might be an easier addition to your bathroom. This is one of the simplest ways of creating an illusion of change in your bathroom.

Mind updating your bedding?

Switching to heavier and darker bedding during winter might seem like an automatic choice for most people during winter. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case for spring. Go for brighter and lighter bedding that will make your room seem cooler. You can also add soft textured bedding that will make you look forward to getting into bed.

Go for lighter fabrics

Spring is all about embracing light, bright and fun colored fabrics. Replace your heavy throws and accent pillows with lighter alternatives. For instance you can replace your furniture slipcovers, throw pillows and curtains for a refreshing new look.

More tips to consider

  • Swap out candles
  • Let the sun in
  • Add some artistic items